Thursday, February 23, 2006

green nightmare.

after careful consideration, and after viewing this pic, i'm no longer finishing what i started. GROSS.

looks like jeope is right.


lew! said...

JEope is not right!

Matt said...

Yeah! What lew! said!

Shamrock Shakes rock!

Mary said...

what the hell is that???

I will not drink it anywhere.
I will not drink it on the stairs.
I will not drink it with a cup
I will not drink that ucky muck!

har har. :)

Princesa de Chocolate said...

What is that... LOL did I miss something that Jeope mentioned LOL :D

Jeope said...

I'm steering our girl away from the lime-green path you freaks are on. Nothing that comes from our planet comes in that colour.

lew! said...

what aboot limes? :P

devon said...

aboot aboot aboot.... :)

mary, you're too funny girl.