Friday, February 24, 2006

need more cowbell.

so i'm keeping in the insanity trend and made some bookmarks for the wedding in the monogram theme. :) -i bought plain white bookmarks and they were really cheap, like, 2 bucks for 50. then i bought a corner rounder, and a little di-cut flower punch, and went to town! i'm going to try to get the quote made into a custom rubber stamp so i don't have to attach it. looking into it right now!


Dave said...

Hey, did you intend to delete the "DesignGrrrl Stuff" title code from your blog? Now in NewsGator your site comes up as "." without the quotes. Just sayin'

Cool stuff for your wedding, though. Just don't be hatin' on Shamrock Shakes, just don't.


Alina Chau said...

lovely design work!! Congrat to your wedding!!

Jeope said...

WHOOOOOO!!! You totally nailed my favourite Antoine de Saint-Expury quote! Antoine RULZ!!!

OK, I'm cheering outta my ass here. I have no clue.

devon said...

jeope, you suck. just when i read the first part, i was all, "wow, jeope is really a keyed in male, lucky kerry..."" then i was all "boooo..."


Jeope said...

Hey, she's still mildly lucky ... kind of.