Thursday, February 23, 2006

i'm incredibly cheap.

old navy

for those of you who know me... i'm incredibly cheap. i mean, i splurge every now and again, but when i can get a bargain... i do. and i feel GOOD about it. i feel that it is my duty to let you know that is a RIP OFF. not only is everything more expensive than the store, but you pay 5 bucks shipping. and they act like they are doing you a favor. they are NOT.

don't believe me? here's a comparison.

"happy ending" shirt:

online: 7.99 in the store: 1.99

satin slipper shoes:

online: 8.99 in the store: 1.50 (yeah i know! i almost lost my sh*t over that one)

fleece jammy pants:

online: 5.99 in the store: 3.00

cute boho skirt:

online: 19.99 in the store: 12.99

so, add the 5.00 shipping and i saved 28.48.

extreme much? i'm just sayin'.....


Melissa said...

Wow, cute skirt!! I want one! And I want fleecy pants too! I don't think I could squeeze my rectangular feet in those shoes though. Hmm, I haven't been to an Old Navy in a while. It's a perfect place for Rob because he's even more incredibly cheap than you! :-) He'd be all like, "$3 for fleece pants?? I could just go pantless for free!"

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Oh Old Navy makes me mad sometimes... I love 'em but my clothes never last more than a wash... maybe's the AZ Old Navy... I love those shoes. I think if I were a few sizes smaller we could do a clothes check out... :) So um can I borrow the shoes... what size arrreee ya? LOL :D

I'm pretty thrifty with clothes, shoes, make up, pretty much everything... I splurge every now and then but for the most part I can't 1.afford to go crazy and the courage to spend too much. However I find no problem spending a a bundle on paper... not sure what's wrong w/me!!!

Eden said...

If you have Old Navy card, there's no shipping fee ;)