Thursday, February 23, 2006

monograms -n- sore thumbs.


so last night, i had to get some stuff printed at copymax, and they actually got it done in an hour. so i figured i'd go do some window shopping. i went to michael's craft store and bought an awesome hole punch, and some hot pink ink, a monogram "S" stamp, and a dollar leaf di cutter. so of COURSE i had to come straight home, make 200 little s stamp circles for my favors. here's what i'm thinking, i ordered these peat pellet thingies and when they get wet, they expand to a little pot, with a hole in the top. then, you drop seeds in them and VOILA! they grow! i want to package them up somehow, maybe like, a natural bag because i want to include a terra cotta pot. and then the monogram can go on the bag, secured with raffia. i want so very badly to be crafty. can you tell? anyway, i had like, all kinds of paper, and punched out a million bazillion, (that is a real number, it's just so high that nobody knows about it) little leaves. possibly for the tables? they'd look really cute sprinkled on the place card table. can i like, just GET MARRIED ALREADY!?!??!

for sheazy.


Mary said...

Ooooh I dropped $60 in Michaels the last time I was there.... Shame on me.

You are SO FULL of wedding ideas! And you are being smart too - getting things ready WAY ahead of time.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Looking good Dev... looking Good! :D

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I could've loan you my "s" monogram lol :D

michelle said...

Mind if Jeff and I steal your idea on the monogram thing? :) Jeff was like, 'go check out her website and see how she did that' haha! We are trying really hard to be creative with our wedding stuff too. Jeff insists on designing our 'save the date cards' but he's changed his mind like a million times...arrgggg.. i hate to think how many times it will change when it comes to the invitation..haha Acutally i am just loving that he wants to be involved with all that :) i love the pellet peat idea thing btw!!