Friday, March 17, 2006

all you can do is laugh!

i was reminded by a good "christian" (whiplash)that laughter is the BEST medicine. ;) and having people who love you. (and genuinely care about your well being) it's like a new beginning, and i have a few prospects ALREADY!? and know that surrounding myself with people who are good people and even BETTER artists is already something i had compromised in the past for myself. money doesn't equal talent. and true artists and talented people never compromise. so i won't. that's not who i am, and hand over the oscar! lol. big things are on the horizon and thanks to janet for my "new" powerbook. she's seriously one of the amazing people i woulnd't give up knowing for ANYthing ;) -off to shop and lunch! (and brainstorm)


thanks for all your help, you know who you are.


Melissa said...

Yay for Devon! She's moving up in the world! Will you still remember me when you're all successful and famous? :)

Jeope said...

This calls for some St-Paddy's Day drunken tractor-riding. F'real.

I go now. I already been in the greEEn bbBEER...r..

lew! said...

good, i am glad your outlook is so positive. I doubt mine would be, but that's me, and we're talking about YOU!

wishing you all the good luck i can! not that you need my wishes, wiht your talent.

Go get'em tiger! (lol!)

devon said...

omg jeope is drunk, that's the funniest thing i've ever heard.. well, funniest thing in a week that i've heard anyway... i've heard a few funny things that top that. but it's been a long week as well! LOL!!!!

aw come on lew, i'll let you drive the gravy devon wagon.. gimmie a week... how close are you to pittsburgh!?? ;P ok, without disclosing too much wish me luck or at least be thinking about me on monday and tuesday!!!!!


Dave said...

'K, I wanna know why I was left outta this loop. I just worked with Janet for a couple of days to find out what wuz goin' on heah.

I mean, that laptop could have been MIIIIIIINE! ;-).

Hope things are going well.


Kim O. said...

Go Devon! Go Devon! Go-go, go Devon!!!

Good thoughts being transmitted your way! Keep us posted!


Christian with a Whip said...

Go get 'em Soxy woman! Glad I chose da subject I did for my blog -hee-hee!

Keep truckin' and I'll send some sparkle dust your way - the pixie stuff, if I have any left…where'd I put that damn potion box?

A Little Hut said...

totally do not know what's going on but I wish you the best anyway. good luck with whatever it is you're working on! ;)

Ekota (kgiff) said...

I hope all the pieces fall into place quickly for you. You've got tons of talent! Wishing you the best. - kgiff