Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So, this maybe the sanest i've felt in a long time... personally and professionally! i cannot complain from the outpouring of love and support i've gotten. i truly don't deserve such a talented, well-respected bunch to take me in on all that they have. just a shout out to my mentors and "you GO GRRRL!-ers". :D you know who you are.

weeeellll.... an update. i've had so many offers now, that i can't keep up. offers that i feel so fortunate to have been blessed with such luck. i have drive back! drive to do well for myself and settling is out of the question.

i've been spending so much time with craig too. i cannot believe that i would go four weeks out of the month pretty much NOT seeing him. i didn't know what i was missing. i love coming home to him. it's been such a major crazy time in my life, but i amost forgot WHO i am! i'm a driven female with an incredible survival mode. that little "on" switch that makes me go mad crazy with my phone calls and MAN the people i've met so far! ..... more to come. :)

uh.... this is what life is about. too bad i forgot that for awhile.



Jeope said...

Quit bein' so cryptic and spill the flippin' beans already!!!

Sincerely, Jeope-Jobstealer

Kim O. said...


She's baaaa-aack! Get out there and kick some designin' bootie, Dgrrrl! I can't wait to see what you do next.

Congrats on finding your happy place again!


Dave said...

What he said, and she said!


Mary said...

I can't imagine not seeing Patrick except for the weekends. I'd die. I hope you get to move closer to him in this process and I already know you're going to get a much better job out of it. Keep us posted!

A Little Hut said...

ditto on what everyone said! :)

Spencer said...

glad to read such a happy post, i'm kind of in the same place right now (getting there, anyway). feels good, doesnt it?

Matt said...

Glad to hear things are working out!

DavidSniderDesignStudio said...

Haven't heard or seen you around I went looking for you. Glad to see things are going well for you.

Jeff said...

I'm with Jeope, you didn't send out decoder rings, for cryin' out loud! Quit being so darn secretive!!! ;)

Christian with a Whip said...

Hey-ya Dgrrrrrrrrrrl!! Woa! We must be one of the same - remember when I was decribing my b-friend and you said I was you and you was me and craig was a carbon copy of my b-friend? Well, regardless, I'm so glad that things are goin' well for ya…cause they are for me too.

Suddenly - as if I haven't been working my arse off for 1-2 years to get stupid, supa-dupa busy…bam! It's all coming to a head. Yippee!

So glad to hear my girrrrl is doin' betta than butta!