Wednesday, April 19, 2006

UGH! has it been a MONTH!??!?

what a slacker, right?! i've just been so busy! getting a new job, house, moving, etc, etc. so, it's my birthday and i'll blog if i want to. my mom got me some pillows, and some other items from targets "shabby chic" line. i love that stuff! craig's mom just stopped by and dropped off a coffee cake and a generous amt. of money (which i did not want to take!)as a gift. and the cutest card. she brought over the little girl she babysits, and she had made me a little home-made card! too cute. really. i have always loved birthdays. it is just one day when self indulgence doesn't seem so selfish. so, i believe i'll make myself a cake, take a walk, and drop off my paperwork to start my new job. OH! we also are possibly moving the wedding up to next april, depending on what the priest says we can do. i would love to get married the sat after my b-day next year. it will be a good week. except i'll be 29, and that sounds crazy old. is it possible to have a third life crisis?

jeope, this deer's for you. you always ask abt it, so i'd like to show it to you. it's actually very intimidating!

the car pic is f/ last sat when craigster and i drove to erie and had lunch with my BFF and her hubby. they found out they are having a girl and amy bought a little onsie that said "MY MOM ROCKS" i almost peed my pants when i saw that. the baby is going to be a little "mini me" or should i say, "mini amy" - little boho shirts and capris pants! SO SWEET.

the nice weather shot is from craigers window. it's so green!


Melissa said...

Yay! A post from the b-day girl!! Okay, so are you going to explain the metallica doll? Boo, I wanna hear more about the jobby job. Spill it! I hope you can push the wedding up, that'd be so fun! If the priest bugs you, bribe him with the metallica doll. I heard priests like that kinda stuff.

I am so overly swamped a work right now, it sucks. I have a package I need to get out to you, but I haven't had a moment to go to the post office. Keep an eye out in the next week though. ;-) Miss you grrrl!

Mary said...

Where is the job? I'm so lost on what is going on with you now :) I know you got the house, but I didn't know if it was close to Craig or Eerie or what! Oh, and are you guys having a Catholic wedding? I was brought up Catholic. They have loooong weddings. :) You'll get your money's worth out of your dress!

lew! said...

so are you moved in the new place yet? or are there still things to be fixed?

Glad you had a good birthday!

Any job news?

we're all curios here!

Jeope said...

Yo, dat deer is sick. Head need to be pimped wit' a quickness.

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