Tuesday, April 25, 2006


IS THIS FRIDAY!!!! i'm so excited. i cannot wait to move all our stuff in. i've heard closings take like, 2 hours, so i'm NOT looking forward to that. we'll be able to be in our OUR OUR OUR HOME FRIDAY NIGHT! :D i cannot believe i've been off off work for 2 months lol. back to reality next week. and "working" - but dayam it's been nice having off. taking long walks, making craig good lunches, watching horrible late night tv, - basically being happy. i know i was teary at first, but as they say, things DO happen for a reason. i highly suggest to people to cut the CRAP out of their lives and go be happy. being happy is the bomb. i do miss my kitties. i'll pick them up soon. and i think my neighbor found a REALLY nice couple to take over my lease. they seemed awesome. i showed them my apt. it was nice for just me, but i think i'd go crazy if i had to live in it with 2 people. luckily, they showed up just as we were cleaning it and i was moving out. man, last sat was a LONG day.

OH!!! special blogger shoutout to janet. you are AWESOME girl! got the laptop today. never thought i'd be as big a geek as to get jazzed to see OS X. but i was freakin' ECSTATIC. :D


Dennis Weed said...

Be prepared for writers cramp. You'll sign your name about a thousand times.

lew! said...

Noice Devon!

Give us an update soon!
It's not like you'll be busy moving and decorating. :P

So i forget... New job?

Kim O. said...

Woot!!!! Yay Dev! You should be a HOMEOWNER by now!!! CONGRATS!

BTW - where/what is your new job?

Details, woman! I need details!!!


michelle said...

Hey Devon,
Congrats on your new house! Jeff and I cant wait til we can buy a place of our own! Have fun decorating and everything :)
How are the wedding plans coming along? whens the big day? cant remember if i have already asked you that..haha

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I miss you Devon! I hope you're doing spectacular! Big Hugs!