Thursday, September 21, 2006

boring is a good thang...

So, this is crazy but I have NOTHING to write about! I mean, I think my life is pretty boring and I'm SO HAPPY! Although... The huge house party is this weekend! I'm so excited, I'll take tons of pics! I bought cookies and chips, and we're getting a ton of lunch meat and rolls, because we don't own a grill. :) hopefully ... SOON.

OK since I know how boring blogs are w/out pics, here's my new little office. Keith, notice your "loose kerning is very hard to swallow" poster in the upper right hand, and mel, notice how I have your save the date and my "devon" handbound book you made me! Also, von's devil self-promo is hanging up for inspiration, and my superman howiezine bookmark is above my monitor... Geez you howies are EVERYWHERE. Ya'll get around.

and oh, yeah, ash's "found" postcard is also here, and patti's "hooter check" pic.. that cracks me up evertime!!!!

1 comment:

Jeope said...

Yeah, but where's the photos of yer cats?! Yer just not a blogger without 'em.