Thursday, October 19, 2006

i might not be mrs. right...

but i'm "mrs. RIGHT NOW!"

yesterday me and my friend lisa went to see the "povertyneck hillbillies" at saddle ridge in station sq. pittsburgh. i had such a good time but dayam am i paying for it today.

lisa drove us down, and this guy totally came up to us and gave us a sob story about how he ran out of gas and everybody was giving him a hard time and "scared" of him. Whatever. We told him we're plastic girls and never carry cash. But I did have 75 cents. Lol. So, then we had to find an ATM and got some money out. we ate at bucca de beppos which is this bomb italian place and they have family style dining, so we split a pizza. it was SO GREASY. :X usually it's awesome. but whatever!

*DUH* i forgot the best part of the night... HOOTERS! lol. i went to hooters to get a drink b/c the concert wasn't open till 8 o'clock. those POOR GIRLS. i talked to several guys here at work and they let me know that they pretty much think the food and chicks SUCK. our waitress was really nice, i just like, really felt bad for most of them. it was PITTSBURGH so you'd think that most of them would be really cute. i saw like, maybe 2 that were pretty. our waitress had a nice body, but dayam. her face... anwho i digress.

This was the kicker... This guy at work knew somebody that worked at y108 and said "so and so will put you both on "the list" and you won't have to pay to get in." I'm ALL about this hookup. So, we go to the front of the line, and tell the bouncer "uh... Yeahhhh... We're on the list" so he totally thinks we're bullsh*tting him. So we get BOOED by the crowd and go to the back of the line with our tail between our legs...well, the kid that we work with is totally mortified and keeps calling around to find out what happened. Turns out, there WAS a list and we WERE on it, and we got our 10 dollars back. HA! :D so neener neener. Anywho the hillbillies were AWESOME! I had such a good time, and I ended up staying at Lisa's apartment because we were SO tired.. At midnight. Lol. Getting' old. :)


Mary said...

LOL at midnight! I feel ya on that one. That would be semi-embarrassing getting booed at the door! But you showed them! HA!

Jeope said...

BOOOOO!!! Back in line, ya commoner!

Melissa said...

So your waitress was a "butterface"? Sad. ;-) This one girl from my design classes that graduated with me ended up working at Hooters after graduation. She was a pretty good designer too. Sad. And it's strange because she was built like me. Obviously I'd never attempt to get a job at a place called, "Hooters." But she was really pretty, so I guess that helped. Ramble ramble ramble.

Christian with a Whip said...

Ah Girlie girrrrl! Glad you had fun - but I gotta tell ya, old is not the reason you petered out! I'm what, 10 years older than you? (I'm 36, forgive me if I am way off base.) I went dancing with my boyfriend and my best girlfriend - we dance til 1:30! 3 hours worth of dancing, and I LOVE it. Didn't get to bed til after 2-am -Ha!

i refuse to act "my age" - well, unless it's necessary for business and such, of course. Glad you're doing o.k., we should pick up where we left off!