Friday, December 08, 2006

it's been brought to my ATTENTION

that i'm a total blog slacker. :) which, I have been but not on purpose.... We STILL don't have internet at home. Suck. Hm.... New things/updates/hot pics? :P

a: got my wedding ring! Love it. Way to expensive, but whatever, it'll be on my finger till like, death do us part right? Might as well look at a nice piece of bling till death.

b: still love my job. We went on this AWESOME photoshoot for a new client, and I had such a good time. Plus they played all my fav's. Deathcab, john mayer, damien rice, modest mouse, johnny cash, -so that made it even better.
Last night a group from work went to mad mex and it's my new favorite place to hangout. The wings are great and they are only 4 dollars for 14, and big ass margs are 6 bucks. have a new buddy at work. He started awhile ago as a senior designer and he's the bomb in addition to others who already have bomb status.

c: lorri's baby got baptized! He is SO CUTE. His cheeks are unreal. He's like a freakin angel. I was a total baby hog, but auntie devon only comes to town occasionally, so I'm justified.

d: went shopping on pittsburgh's south side. AMAZING shopping down there. I felt truly "metropolitan" or.. Like some other big word that means I'm sophisticated. (not true)

e: OH! Put finishing touches on the wedding invite from a layout which I kinda stole from *you know who you are* and am pretty happy with how it came out. :) I'll post it. (I thought I was all original with this monogram/garden theme, turns out? Not so much) but that's ok. I love the idea of the folds so I hope said person isn't too offended, but I warned them anyway. Right?

f: am working out LIKE CRAZY. Dropped 5 lbs so far. I feel better now that I'm eating right as well. Still doin' the pizza thing, just watchin' it. ;) gotta fit into the new wedding dress! So, this is crazy... I've been eyeing my dress lately and instead of feeling REALLY happy to be wearing it, it kinda made me "sick" - just in that I didn't think I'd want strapless. (boring) or poofy (expected) and I had a sleek untraditional dress. Well, I went to david's bridal with my mom and sister to get her maid of honor dress and I saw a dress in the window that TALKED TO ME. It said, "devon even though dresses are non refundable, you must try to exchange your dress for me." here's the kicker. The lady said, "I'm very sorry, no exchanges... I'll check with the GM though..." MY MOTHER KNEW THE GM. Long story short, I didn't even need a receipt and got the new dress...!!! I'm so happy. I cannot wait until the big day now, and we're on a countdown. Almost 4 months to the day. :D


Mary said...

we need pics of the wedding ring :) YOU KNOW THAT! I was so happy to see new info on the blog! YAY! I'm glad to see things are going so good with the job!

Jeope said...

Dresses don't speak to me, but sometimes those six-packs of sport socks do. Theyre'll all like "dude, buy me, b***h" and I'm like, "OK." Whatever you say, talking socks.

Melissa said...

Woah, I must not have visited your blog in a while! Keep us updated chickie! Btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the invitations! :-D They are so YOU! And I agree with Mary, we want ring photos!!!!

Kim O. said...

Umm, helloooo? Pictures please?

Here, I'll give you a list so you don't forget anything:

• The ring bling
• Your new talking wedding gown
• Your new love shack

Your invites are gah-geous! And I'm happy to hear you are so, well, happy! Miss ya much, Dgrrrl!

~ Kimburg