Friday, December 08, 2006

my YOUNGER cousin is married....

wow, i totally didn't post this and forgot, but i was in my cousin amanda's wedding along with my cousin Annika, and my sister and cute little Julia, my cousins daughter (who is 1 of EIGHT!) i'm hoping to snag her for my wedding too. speaking of which, i should call sharon. :) at least i know all her kids have the "uwedding uniform" so that's a plus. i had fun and partied my ass off. i hope my wedding is half as fun as hers was!!!!! i still need to get that white cowgirl hat. :) i'm getting excited about the bachelorette party too. it's going to be in erie. going out in pittsburgh is fun, but it just seems like you get pushed around and half the universe is drunk and it's kinda scary. i just don't think i'd have fun.... or maybe i would. saddleridge is a great place. plus, i kinda miss erie. weird huh? :D but anyway, her big day went off without a hitch and it seems like just yesterday i was locking her out of the house, flushing her canydy down the toilet and watching her cry! :D

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Mary said...

yay for weddings!! I can't believe yours is coming up so soon!!!!!!!!! EEK!

I wanna get married *pouts* I'm half way there!