Monday, February 19, 2007

it's been awhile but WHEW

things are flying by. i cannot believe that i'll be married in 2 months. we got the honeymoon booked, and met with the
priest, and i got my dress fitting, and our passports should be in any day now!!! i just had my shower and i must confess. that i got a lot of stuff. i'll post some of my favs. i'm so thankful to everyone. so is craig!!! the pictures should be in soon, we decided to go old school and do disposable. the night before i accidentally got a little bit hammered -empty stomach and all. opps. it happens. we went to the le mont in mt. washington where craig's best friend valets and the owner hooked us UP. thier glasses of wine are like vats of wine. so like i said, the shower was fantastic, except for a few things.... i believe when you get less for your money than you expected, you SPEAK UP. we'll see what they say!!

and here's the letter i wrote to the banquet hall:

To whom it may concern:

I am the bride who was thrown a shower last Saturday, the 17th and felt
compelled to write about my guests, as well as my, less than stellar encounter with your banquet facility.

I write to administer about 20+ opinions that were all coequal to help you satisfy your guests in the future.

Some similar conclusions that were relayed to me by several guests and
friends were:

a: The hall was bitingly chilly and several elderly guests that were under the weather were extremely uncomfortable and had to leave their coats on as to not catch a chill. When the staff was presented with this complication, we were met with a retort that, "the staff doesn't notice because they are busy running around." Well, that being said, perhaps the staff should adjust their attire for a more considerate climate for their guests. Two infants were in extreme discomfort in the bathroom while being changed which I believe did not even have heat. Perhaps dividing your heat bill for a month by 30 and reimbursing my mother for a day's worth of heat would satisfy, because we certainly did not get our money's worth.

b: I know we live in an area to which we are all pretty accustomed to snow and treacherous conditions, but the parking lot was unacceptable. If you don't know any independent contractors or do not have a company to tend to aforementioned conditions, I know a fabulous, dependable contractor. Just say the word and I will be happy to put you in contact with him. In addition, the sidewalks were a one-inch-thick sheet of ice. What is the point of having a handicapped accessible ramp if they are not properly tended to? I just had a guest inform me she watched my 84 year old grandmother struggle to get to her car which INFURIATES me...this is such a liability!

c: We were not given one smile, or friendly gesture when we had come in. I would think that the success of your business would depend on your ability to accommodate guests' needs, and on being flexible when guests' needs change slightly, as mine did when I asked that we move the tables. We simply wanted the tables to be more dispersed so guests were not sitting on top of each other and felt we were given a reprobate attitude. In fact, we all felt we only received a jovial, responsive disposition was when the checks were cut, which is unacceptable.

d: My name was simply thrown under a "happy 50th anniversary" with no congratulations, and I realize the purpose of this sign is to inform rather than to well-wish, but it would have been nice to get a keepsake picture of the sign, which I could've cared less about because I was an afterthought for an event which took place AFTER my event.

That being said, the food was exceptional, and was one thing everybody agreed upon.

In closing, I realize that everybody has a bad day, and several factors go into the circumstances of the event, but please realize that being engaging and pleasant go a long way with your clients, and I regret that I will not be recommending your services to any of my friends.


Jeope said...

Yow! That's bitingly chilly. If anyone ever needs to complain about me, I'll get 'em in touch with you to word it up right.

Joy said...

I hope they sent you a letter back at least.