Sunday, August 19, 2007

so i'm married and i haven't blogged about it...

it kinda seems silly now, but i've been married for about 4 months now!!!!
officially the "undomestic goddess" of anthony wayne dr. it's been a great summer and our mexico trip was AMAZING. we decided we'd definately go back. we had such a great time.
the day and trip went off without a hitch and i have watched the ceremony about a zillion times. for any future brides out there, GET A VIDEOGRAPHER. you think you won't want one, or it doesn't matter, but it will. esp. when you have kids hanging off your hips and want to remember how good you both used to look. ;)

pictures to come because i'm on a pc and PC'S SUCK.

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Mary said...

YAY! You are back! I think I'm the first one to notice so far... yay me ;) I want pics...even if I have to tilt my head!