Sunday, August 19, 2007

husband wife roles..

today was a very "husband duties" and "wife duties" day.

my mom has decided that she's going to retile our bathroom because she knows that i hate our bathtub. i swear in the 6 years the people before us lived here, they didn't (they COULDN'T!) have cleaned it but once. so there is nasty mold that i've scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail. so, we're ripping the whole thing out and my mom is redoing it in a kind of "tuscan" ish look to match the floor tile we laid. i'm SO EXCITED! except we have to shower downstairs in the 2nd bathroom so that kinda sucks. but, it will force me to walk past the cat food bowls so i'll remember to feed them instead of coming home and hearing them scream in hunger.

craig started ripping out the tiles so my mom has it a bit easier. although it's been 5 hours and i think only about 9 tiles have come out. makes me wonder if she knows what she's getting into!

in response to his starting to rip the tiles out, i decided to make salmon with chicken and potatoes and cupcakes for dessert. mmm.. you can't see the food, but i'm posting our kitchen because when i cook, i really LOVE my kitchen!!! and the pic of the bathroom is on it's side, because i'm on a pc... <:(

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Mary said...

You guys have a nice kitchen! Cupcakes...mmm... When you gonna start making Amy's kind of miniature cupcakes? LOL