Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i'm going to be a ... MOTHER!!!

I guess that I could document this in another blog, but why? Everything from
04? To present is pretty much on there, except I skipped our wedding. :X I
would blog about shamrock shakes for pete's sake!

Well, I leaned that me, (ME!), I AM GOING TO BE a MOTHER. (as far as I know)
well, I'm only about 10 weeks, along. You know, I was going to wait to blog
about this, but I'm coming clean after my first pre-natal doc appt on the
22nd. I don't feel like it's a secret and making it one makes it feel less
than what it really is to me, which is EXCITING!!!! How quick was that?

The morning I found out, I had had a dream EARLY before I had to get up to
get ready for work. I dreamed that my pregnancy test had turned positive and
craig and I were just elated! Of course, it was a dream but I woke straight
up out of bed and jumped up to pee in a cup. I stuck in the test, and it
came up negative so I hurried up and got into the shower. Don't you know
that 30 sec. later, a NAGGING feeling made me look at that test again and it
was positive?! I have never shook like that in my life. I couldn't even tell
you what I was feeling.... It was the craziest feeling in the world.

Well, welcome to... Me, whoever you are, you're stuck with me for life,
hopefully. I can't wait to meet you. :)

ps. i love you already


Mary said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!! I know you'll be a great mommy! :)

Dave said...

Congrats! Great news. Taken many naps lately? ;-)


Jeope said...


This kid? He/she gon' rawk.