Wednesday, September 05, 2007

our royal bathroom

so, for christmas my mom decided to re-tile our bathroom, which is GREAT because i couldn't see putting a little baby down in the grunge-fest it was before. :X it's GORGEOUS now! it's our present, which is fine with me.
i never thought home improvement could be so awesome.


Mary said...

handy mom - handy mom - does whatever a handy mom does.... ;)

Christian with a Whip said...

O-MA-GAWD!! It's freakin' awesome! You're gonna be a Mama! Good lord Grrrl we need to catch up! It's been like-oh…I dont know - FOREVER!

E-mail's the same -christian at whiplah design dot com. Do ya have an AIM acount? A video cam? I have a new iMac (well new to me, not the metal one they just came out with.) So now I can do video-conferencing with my HOWies!