Friday, January 04, 2008

Time flies!! in a good way

well, we almost have our nursery done! it's been a process, but
suprisingly it's gone by quickly! i'm really getting excited. craig
and his dad did the floor and my mom and i painted. then we put up
chair rail and did some wall stripes. the other night craig put the
crib together and we put the bedding on it. i know it will get dust on
it by the time she is here, but i'll just have to wash it. i stood in
the room and just cried! it's very overwhelming and if i had advice to
give new mothers, steer clear of the "what to expect" books when
you're feeling emotional. they are SO scary. there's stuff in there
that i know i can handle, i've burped a baby before, WHY are there
different "burp holds?!" is one better than the other!? sigh.

this morning i had trouble standing and putting my socks on. that's a
new one! it's literally something new every day now! a weird pain
here, a kick over there... it's nuts. last night it was "let's kick
mommy in the ribs every 3 seconds at 4:00 am" and man it lasted till
around 5:00. she is a kicker, this one. i say, work the aggression out
now darlin'.

i wonder about what she'll look like... :) life just keeps getting better.

UPDATE!: we're going to know exactly what she looks like! we are getting 3D/4D imaging done on tuesday! pics to follow!!!! how weird is this!? we'll be able to tell facial features and i'll finally know what has been swimming, kicking and punching me for the last 2 months! :)


Mary said...

What a beautiful baby room! Looks nice and comfy for baby and mommy! This is the first preggers pics you've posted! :) Can't wait to see the baby's pics :)

Jeope said...

PREGGO!!! This room kicks ass!

Cherrill said...

How pretty! And that chair looks extra comfy - I need one of those!We're actually painting our nursery today. We don't know what we're having, so I'm going with blue and green.

Friends of the Spring Green Dog Park said...

Cool to see all your progress housewise and belly wise!

You're soooo much further along than we are. We don't even have trim up in the baby's room yet. After the trim the floors have to be refinished and THEN we can start putting furniture in. Of course, that doesn't mean that we have any actual furniture yet....

Oh well, hubby and i work well under pressure. Only 7 weeks to go!

- Lake louie

Dave said...

Hey there, that's one cool room! I remember what a pain it was putting together the baby furniture. The crib wasn't so bad, but the changing table was a monster!

Don't worry about burp holds, you'll figure out what works for your munchkin. Can I just say you look stunning for being so far along? You've got the big-time growing part coming, but still, there are many women that feel like they looked like you when they were at 4 months or so...;-)

You'll be a great mom, you worry a lot, so you won't be able to help it. Enjoy the last few weeks of peaceful rest.