Thursday, July 10, 2008

do i have something on my face? and other random thoughts.

do you believe it's after 11 in the afternoon and my daughter, who went down at 10 last night is STILL SLEEPING?! i guess i'm lucky.

here's a pic after mommy stuck a bunch of shiny "2008" and "graduation hat" confetti all over her. :)

have you guys seen this?! i want to get my sis a snoopy snowcone machine for x-mas!!

i also love it has been perused on many a late night lately. i kinda feel jealous of the bloggers life. she broke out of her 9-5 and started doing her own thing. something tells me she's insanely talented though... so it's ok.

1 comment:

Mary said...

fred flare is cool! I've been wanting the talking japanese watch. And I dig the hostess cupcake coin purse LOL