Sunday, July 06, 2008

happy fourth, er, sixth!

we had a fun weekend. dad got a haircut on thursday and we went to giant eagle and bought ice cream and explored a new neighborhood afterwards. lottie got some cute toys that hand from the handle on her carseat too. one is this lion that plays 4 cute songs and they don't annoy me! score. friday we just hung out and went to the farm for a campfire and smores. (SO GOOD.) and yesterday we had a picnic at craig's friend's house. lottie did so good, and i only had to feed her once. i felt bad for her, it was hot out and i think she was annoyed at first that the outside doesn't have central air.


Melissa said...

I am often annoyed that the outside doesn't have central air. I mean c'mon! What decade is this?!

Jeope said...

Canada has central air.

Mary said...

Cute pics!

I'm with Mel...I mean, we made it to the moon in '69...surely we can cool the entire earth by now ;)