Saturday, September 13, 2008

popular,... i know about popular!

SO i'm so excited and it's basically because i don't get out much, but i'm going to see "WICKED"
with my sis on oct 2nd! woot!

it's really exciting because:

A: i never partake in pittsburgh events unless they are cheap or FREE, and i decided to splurge on this! (it's her birthday, we're gonna par-tay like it's her burfday)

B: i am taking the day off (a thurs) and also the next day (a fri) and will get to cuddle lottie

C: looooong weekend. yay.

D: ken is letting us park for FREE at the capital grill in downtown pittsburgh. um.. i guess it really helps to know people haha.

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Liv said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I think WICKED is coming to Salt Lake soon (?) but my friend said she spent $150 on her tix and I just can't imagine. I'd rather waste that $ at IKEA :)

I hope you enjoy it!!