Friday, September 26, 2008

we finally did it...

or, craig finally did it! i've wanted this for a long time now.

the bissel 9200 steam cleaner. we had a bit of a mishap last week and consequently, our whole front of downstairs was soaked. our water tank "blew up." (devon, it didn't "blow up" they rust out. these things happen) says my husband. he is super forgiving of inanimate objects, whereas me? not so much. i feel they are evil if they malfunction and totally out to get me.

so he had to work last weekend and was sleeping to get up around 8 to leave for work at 9 at night and i ran upstairs screaming, "something bad has happened!!!" oh, yes, not bad, something EVIL happened. thank god for my mil and fil, they helped me shop vac up all the water while i took care of lottie. i don't know what i would've done without them because craig had to leave for work! we actually have used this model before and it is simply amazing the sh*t it will get out of your carpet.

*if your carpet ever gets wet and gets that mold/mildew scent buy "ODOBAN" at sam's club. it's AMAZING!!!!! i'd be a spokesperson if they'd let me*

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