Saturday, November 01, 2008

i've almost finished a book!

my friend lisa turned me onto this spellbinding book which is apparently, a trilogy! (as if finishing one book wasn't daunting enough!) but it was an incredibly good / easy read and they are making it into a movie! i am super psyched and if you haven't heard all about the amazing world of stephanie meyers, you are in for a TREAT....

it's part love story, part vampire freaky! like ann rice meets some kind of hopelessly romantic author. (i can't cite one since i don't really read love stories...) my hubby said he won't see it since it looks like it's a "love story." so upsetting.. :(

i am usually totally disenchanted with movies because usually i've read the book, (hello, "in her shoes" anybody?!) but this looks exactly the way i've seen it in my head, except bella was a little more homely. (as she is "normal looking" in the book and in the movie she will be played by a supermodel, haha.) but whatever.

i urge you to read the book, you will be HOOKED. good clean vampire, blood spillin' fun.

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Jeope said...

Ha! Did you know you posted this to Sugar Frosted Goodness also?

I saw In Her Shoes, hearing it was good, but didn't like it.