Monday, November 03, 2008

we are family...

craig's cousin shanna had a great idea to get together at their beautiful home to take pictures of all the families with their children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren. it was the most beautiful day.

from the top:
craig (proud papa) and baby dumplin.
nanny (who is the coolest lady in every way possible) and all the great grandchildren. (this one makes me tear up)
here is lottie, i, craig and craig's parents (the proud grandparents)

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Cousin Jim said...

Wow does Craig look like his mom huh?

Very nice pics. It looks like a really nice house and land. I've always wanted a pond or lake on my property. Maybe a little boat and a dock to fish from.

Anyhow, great idea and a beautiful family. Little kids are the best!