Monday, October 20, 2008

our weekend +2 days off work

haha! yay! i'm pretty excited about this. i think i'm going to take my daughter to jc penny's where i have a 10 dollar giftcard via junkmail to spend. i need some trouser socks. lol. that sound so "old lady."
this weekend was super fun. minus the lottie temperature scare thursday, i had a great weekend i should say. she had a temperature thurs when i went to pick her up. i knew she was "off" that morning, as she usually coos and smiles and she was crying and that is TOTALLY out of character for her! so, i ended up going to feed her at lunch and she had a thermometer under her pit and the girl told me she slept all morning and didn't eat. well, i had to gather her and her things up and take her back to work with me, and email some people so my workload was taken care of, and then left to go to the pediatrician's. they took her right away and ruled out ear infection, but said her throat was RED. hence the reason she wasnt eating probably. poor baby.
but friday my bff came down and we went "out" (around the corner to barunis) and had meals and a couple drinks. the next day i had a jewelery party (she sells silpada) i am enamored with every piece and wish i could afford it ALL. and then she left and i felt so sad. i miss being around her. i miss ALL "that."
sunday we had family pics at craig's aunt and uncle's house. they live in an amazing log cabin and have lots of land. it was nice to be around family.

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