Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what a lucky girl...

i had off yesterday, so lottie and i decided to do some shopping. now, it is QUITE some feat to take her, and get her ready, get her diaper bag ready, load her in and then load her out and into the huge stroller that i had to lug out of the trunk. and to do that EVERYWHERE WE GO. it's pretty annoying, so i've started migrating to mini-mall type places so i don't have to repeat the cycle. persistence pays off in the end though, i waited and waited until the cutest clothes at the children's place were on sale, then they went 30 percent off, and that wasn't good enough for me! i waited until they were 1/2 off the clearance price on top of the 30 percent! and she looked so sweet today. i never EVER thought shopping for someone else besides myself could be so FUN. she is such a fashionplate. i hope my SIL has a girl, i will have tons of stuff to let her borrow!

on another note, i love, love LOVED being home with her. i took for granted those 3 months of maternity leave, partially because she didn't do anything. she was a little flesh lump. and partially because i just didn't trust my unfamiliarity with carting her around by myself. now i am a pro. there's nothing like feeding your baby outside either on a cool fall day. it's like heaven on earth.

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Cherrill said...

omg - Anneka has STACKS of clothes. It's really becoming a problem :D I can't help it - they're all so cute!