Saturday, December 06, 2008

it's his party...

and lottie didn't cry ONCE! (if she wanted too!) we've been having "behavioral" issues, and by that i mean misbehaving in the form of a tooth coming in or a gassy belly. really, if you are blessed with a "good" baby, if they cry once you think, "this is the baby from hell!"

but craig's dad's b-day was tonight and she was the perfect angel baby i know she is. she is the most beautiful amazing girl i've ever come into contact with but i think every parent feels that way.

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Cherrill said...

Haha! I'm like that too - Anneka has a bad day and I'm all "what did I do to deserve THIS?!!" When really, the rest of the time she is a wonderful dream child. Love those snuggly moments, even when they're snuggling with someone else.