Friday, January 30, 2009

new year, new art

so i had this large picture of a countryside hanging in the hallway. i was very "ho hum" about it.
it didn't make me smile when i saw it. soooo i made some new art! frames were from ikea and cost under 20 bucks. then i took some canvases with a wine print on them that were hanging on the opposite side of the wall and modge podged the front with some pretty paper & embellishments and painted the sides black with acrylic paint.

i've decided to tackle things one at a time in the house until every nook and cranny makes me smile. my goal is to have a house full of personality and to keep people guessing and interested when turning every corner. somehow i don't think this will happen, either time restraints, laziness, or lack of sweet moo-lah will deter my plight.


Mary said...

I likey!! I still have 2 bathrooms to decorate. I just don't know what "bathroom art" is...ya know? The 1/2 bath downstairs I had sort of decided to do a bird them of sorts....
Time and money....two huge obstacles.

Mrs. Maria said...

I'm with you on the money makes a difference, but not having it also helps you think out of the box. I like them a lot Dev! Nice job missy! :-) ** Squeeze those baby cheeks for me ** Hehe!

Adrienne Jewelry Designs said...

Well they all made me smile so you must be doing something right! You are not just creative but actively creative. That's something I really admire about you.
Conceive it = Do it.
Now, when are you going to visit me in MO and redecorate my whole house? :D