Wednesday, February 04, 2009

orange you glad you read my blog?

ome de

here's a taste of my home in one of my now favorite rooms. i think the nursery is still up there at numero uno. but i have always wanted to take the plunge into brilliant color. i just couldn't make myself do it. so with my eyes squeezed shut and a swipe of my debit card, i had bought benjamin moore's orange blossom paint. the coverage was pretty good for being so brilliant. i have literally spent hours painting ikea unfinished frames and covering lamps with fabric and decoupaging my small table... the effort was worth it. i hope it doesn't look too "halloweeny" ...
there still is a shelf that needs to go up and some decorations i made, so i'll post when my husband puts it up!

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Mary said...

I like the orange! And it's not too halloweeny. That's a nice, warm orange...not too crazy! Awesome!