Tuesday, April 14, 2009

license and registration ma'm... (um.. they must be here somewhere)

so honestly i should've known something was up when i had to go to the hardware store 2 separate times saturday and saw 2 separate cars pulled over in the exact same spot!

apparently, there is some kind of "aggressive driving" thing going on and cops are EVERYWHERE. and by everywhere i mean, one hanging out behind a tree, in a bush and from a telephone pole in my town. well, coming home from diner with a good friend, i got bushwhacked! i had no clue i was doing 46 in a 35. i thought it was 55mph on the stretch where i was. imagine my suprise.

and, i must be getting older. i used to be mouthy with cops and be super annoyed. this time was different, my palms got sweaty and i was shaking. i'm mature now! things like this shouldn't happen to me! i am the most pulled together i've ever been.... and now this cop comes and destroys my "way to go me" buzz! i even cried. i don't know if i was crying about the ticket, or just things in general. but after those tears, he softened up a bit! wow, it works......

he was super nice though after the fat drops. he told me about the dangers of going even 5 miles over the speed limit when the roads are slick and it's raining, and he even was b*tching about the fact he had to do a turn at night because of this aggressive driving thing they were doing. i said, "um... sorry..." but he could've chose to not pull me over? right? he could take a nap in that bush and who would know?! well, i couldn't find my stupid registration (my glove box is a MESS) and then he shone the flashlight in my face to "make sure my eyes were not dialated." i'm sure he pulls over the best of the best in ambridge, pa. can you imagine the things he's seen?

so, moral of the story, clean your glove box and when you are driving, make sure your eyes are not dialated.

crap. this week needs to GO AWAY. unlike how 100 of my dollars needed to GO AWAY. i hope the state uses the money to fix some damn potholes.

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Jeope said...

Tell me you did not take that photo.

But if so, well, how about the balls on you!