Thursday, April 16, 2009

we've made it.

so, your first b-day was yesterday. we made it! how far we have come. you're this little person who is taking 5 steps at a time to my open arms and when i hold her, you're not jell-o™, but a monkey that clings to me with developed, STRONG muscles!

you lately have had this thoughtful, puzzled expression as you stare at me doing things, and i see the wheels turning. your daddy and i have been trying to teach you how to blow out your candles, but mostly it is just chin dribbles, but you get it! i'd imagine being you right now would be like having "locked in" syndrome. you can process it, but your body just won't perform the actions you want it to! it's kinda funny to watch but i know how much it frustrates you.

yesterday we went to the doctor's for your 1 year checkup and found that you had an ear infection, AND a yeast infection. (so that is what the purple mountain is all over your peekacho) it's sooo gross. but so cute kinda. the doctor was happy with your progress and you are now almost 20 lbs! you're still the smallest baby at daycare in your age region, but that's ok because i know how much you eat! daddy is going to buy you some cow's milk and we're going to experiment with you later tonight. evil mommy and daddy!

you got your shots and took them like a champ. i took them like a champ too. the first time you had your shots, i crumbled to the floor like a paper doll while daddy put your clothes back on. this time, it was just me and you girlfriend, and you wailed, and i held it together, cleaned you up and sat there singing to you as i gave you your bottle. you had wild eyes, like, "what the heck?!" but you furiously sucked down the bottle, i think that comforted you the most, but i like to think it was me.

so, munchie, we LOVE YOU!!! and if you grow up and all this blogging nonsense is just too much for you to take because you are student body president or a "too cool for school" cheerleader or something, i'll take it down. but for now, you have to deal with it. why? cuz i'm the mommy. what i say goes. (god, i've been dreaming about saying that since age 10!)


Melissa said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to Lottie! I can't believe it's been a year already!

Cherrill said...

Happy birthday li'l nugget! You have a great Mommy!