Wednesday, May 13, 2009


ok, it's about time i do a giveaway right? well, in order to do that i had to have something somebody might want. i can't probably give away a husband or baby,.... so i decided on 1 3 egg blue nest pendent.

anybody interested?

just leave a comment, and you're automatically entered! cutoff for posts is sunday 6pm. i'll choose the winner that night and post the winner at 8pm est.

good luck!


Anonymous said...

me me me!

Mary said...

COOL! I likey!!

Mrs. Maria said...

I'm so interested!!! You're so crafty. It's also part of the mom-gene. :-) Pick me, me! LOL Very unique idea Dev!

Cherrill said...

Another cute one! You putting me to shame here. I guess I'll stick to cakes for now :)

Donia said...

Dev, you are one of the craftiest (and creative!!) people I know! These are absolutely beautiful! And the shoe clips are ingenious!! I too had the garter for my something blue! I would have rather had these!! Keep up the good work, and I hope to get together soon!!