Monday, May 11, 2009

a new lil' bitness on the side

so i originally started to learn how to make these little "nest" pendents for my MIL and mom for mother's day. (and of course i made one for myself) i figured something sentimental is better than something bought. i'm trying to go the handmade route. so i had made a bunch of them and sold them to friends at work! and now though that i have some new orders. it's almost like a little side business. but FUN. so it's not like work. winding the wire is therapy almost. it just feels good. they started out a little bulky but my technique has evolved to more dainty... hope the new orderers are ok with this evolution! and i'm so happy people like them.
i don't see myself as crafty at ALL. but this success is starting to change my mind (a little, not much)


Cherrill said...

Love them! I need to get doing some more artsy stuff. Or at least start thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

aww you are so crafty! I love these!