Monday, June 08, 2009

snip it, snip it good.

So, my friend cherrill got me thinking about first haircuts, and all the trauma that goes with them. I'd say in a few months, it will be time. It goes by way too quickly. I kinda want to let it grow though! Seeing an image of her little girl quickly changed my mind. Too cute.

In green tree there is a place called

they specialize in children's haircuts. it' kind of a hike, but i think the first cut should be special. plus, it' s not any more expensive than supercuts or boring chain! and you get a 2 dollar off coupon for baby's 1st cut.

doesn't it seem like these people would make it special?! i'm almost excited about it now.

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Cherrill said...

Do it do it do it! The one I went to even does birthday parties (?)