Wednesday, November 25, 2009


i usually don't talk design much on this blog... or do i? anyway, the president of pepsi came to pittsburgh. we were given a challenge to create an ad from a brief provided by pepsi. well, i know i didn't follow it to the letter, but my instinct was more abstract. (unfortunately it usually is!)

the brief was basically for female boomer, lower education, lower income. (right away i cannot relate.. just kidding)

i can relate to the fact that retail purchases take us away, put us in our "happy place." in this economy and time, that's important to some people. and to some people, it's very important that they not switch up their staples brands with generic. (we are like that about ketchup in our house)

anyway, long story short, i approached it as pepsi taking you to your nirvana spot. the one place in your day you can have "you" time and be transported by the taste. i have always loved the old john alcorn ad (i even have the design on a tshirt!) so i went and took a modern approach to his design and although i didn't win, (and i cannot believe who did win) it was fun.

(i've posted the old ad by the master, and my jackass attempt at a digital recreation )


Jeope said...

OK, wtf is with the grand prize winner? That's shite.

devon spec said...

i know. i just don't get it!!

lew! said...

The winner is absolute garbage! Boring design, crap-tastic photoshopery. Honorable mentions are even worse!

Devon, yours was a nice update on a classic. Ah well. There is no accounting for taste! Especially the design taste of a suit.