Thursday, December 03, 2009

holy crap. literally.

So... i was debating on renewing our costco membership (we joined just to buy diapers and wipes) and I just did the math for diapers...

Huggies in a regular store are 12.99 for 31 diapers. That's .41 cents per diaper. Huggies at costco (same diapers) are 49.99 for 258 diapers. That's .19 cents per unit!

.41 (regular price) x 258 (costco amoutn) is $105.78.... So in essence, buying diapers at costco saves you 55.79 per month. (or, per bulk diaper buy and we buy a box monthly)

That's a savings of 669.48 per year. i'm shocked. i never did the math! we are super savers. ;) i believe we will be renewing our membership.

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