Wednesday, December 16, 2009

another room almost down

here's the junky "before" and the clean "after"

last week i gutted our office. then i cried about how we needed to get a new floor and baseboards (which i am promised!) so to start the process, the baseboards were ripped out, and everything cleaned and scrubbed, and 4 trashbags full of crap was thrown away. living simply is the best way to live. i made new curtains, and put a fresh coat of willow leaf paint on the walls which i LOVE, got new storage boxes to hide cd's and books, and a rice paper lamp which adds a nice ambiance. i framed some photos i took of lottie and put them in new matted ikea frames and voila! we're almost done... just need that new floor. it totally looks like a different room.


Cherrill said...

Nice! I think I have those same brown/flowery IKEA cardboard magazine holders.

Adrienne Jewelry Designs said...

Very pretty Dev! It's very serene. I wish you'd come remake my office :) Love the photos and rice paper lamp too!

Mary said...

Very nice! I love the wall-color!