Saturday, December 12, 2009

i'm christmasy

so in light of all the horrible things going on, ie: my brother in law being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and craig's aunt passing away, there isn't much holiday cheer lately.

i think about all the things that mean the most to me around this time of year. i take the good with the bad, because my bad might not be as bad as most people. i know this.

i thank god for family, friends, health and life. to be blessed with a daughter who has grandparents that love her and friends that love her almost just as much.

i think back to my childhood and it was pretty amazing. happy, traditions, strong family values... although things are not always what they seem, my family made sure that us kids were happy. early on, apparently they didn't have a whole lot of money, but we never knew. it was only until i went to school that i knew we didn't take trips to disneyland, and we didn't own name brand shoes, but you know what? i didn't like those stuck up kids anyway. you had to tiptoe around their mother's brand new white carpet and you couldn't even play their piano because their mom had just "had it cleaned." ugh. what a horrible way to live. that wasn't how I was raised!

so, i think a lot about hoping to match lottie's childhood happiness with my own,.. i hope to be a great mom who would fight tooth and nail like my mom did. i hope to have great traditions, like charlotte coming into our bedroom, and begging us for presents on xmas morning, and craig taking an excrutiatingly long time to "check to see if santa came" like my dad did! it built up the excitement that much more. i hope that after we unwrap presents i make this GREAT breakfast like my mom did every year. i hope that we are blessed with another child in the future and they can be good friends that stay up late on christmas night, watching golden girls, eating the chocolate santas their dad ALWAYS got them for christmas...

there's so much MORE and i could go on forever, but i won't -long story short, mom, i had always had a great christmas. and now, being a mom myself, i know that most of it was YOU. guys basically have no clue how to make things special, they leave it all up to us women folk. ;)

so today i had a friend come over for cookie decorating!! i hope that she stays around and that when she has children, that we all cookie decorate together... it was a good time until lottie spilled all my sprinkles lol! she's ornary, that one. good times.

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Adrienne Jewelry Designs said...

Oh Dev! I'm so sorry to hear about all of the sadness in your life right now. I know how easy it can be to get overwhelmed with the bad stuff. But, in true Devon spirit, you managed to find the up side, the thankful side. I'll say prayers. You are such a joy to so many! Keep good thoughts and let God do the rest :) {hugs}