Friday, April 23, 2010

i have so much to catch up on

so my daughter turned 2, i turned 32 (WTH!?) and our marriage turned 3. all within the past week and a half.

charlotte's party was COLD. i figured, since it was mid april, everything would be fine! everything was not fine. my party decorations were blowing away, my hands were too numb to put things "just the way i wanted them" and my daughter would not wear mittens, threatening hypothermia. i forgot to put out her homemade party hats, and while driving home to get her mittens for "she who would not wear mittens"... i started to get teary. craig said that he almost said to my dad, "i bet she goes home and cries." man, does he know me or what?

i learned a couple things that day. 2 year olds are not into gifts. i should've went with my gut and put on the invitation, "my 2 year old is a humanitarian and philanthropist, so please, no silly gifts, but donate your monetary contribution to your favorite charity, or to haiti." (actually, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea, now that i see it typed out)

another thing is learned is kind of in the same vein. 2 year olds like the simple things in life. they are humanity in it's simplist form. they don't care about labels, having "nice" things. she was completely excited about the chips and popcorn. she almost busted a vein she was so excited. yes, see my offspring beside her motorized quad? and what is she doing? eating popcorn with her mittenless hands.

in a way, i think we can all learn from toddlers. minus the pit bull biting and temper tantrums.

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