Thursday, April 15, 2010

you are 2 today

it's been two whole years in this crazy world for you. you're doing ok. you're doing better than most adults i know actually. you'll make it in this world.

the doctor tickled your toes at your checkup today, and let me know you have 2 bulging ear infections. maybe that's why you decided to attack that kid yesterday before our yoga class. i mean, like if i had insane ear infections i'd want to hurt somebody too probably.

you are headstrong, you are sweet, you are TALL, you are thin, you are fair, you have piercing blue eyes, you have pudgy little feet, you have a rash on the nape of your neck, you have blonde hair that is just curly enough to annoy you into using a flatiron when you are older, you have constantly skinned knees, you have a devilish laugh and smile, you say you're sorry when you hit me, you are freaked out by "buggies", you are annoyed by "sockies", you love to dance to random songs that strike you as danceworthy, you think that when your diaper gets changed that it's jellybean eating time (that's my fault), you love to mess up my piles of folded clean clothes, you know that going through a drivethrough means you get "fresh fries", and you got a quarter from an old man in a restaurant the other night for being a "good girl."

i love you! happy 2nd birthday.


Melissa said...

Awww, so sweet!! Happy birthday to the little one!!

P.S. I am also freaked out by buggies and annoyed by sockies.

Donia~Fox Photography said...

AWWW! Happy Birthday Charlotte!

devon spec said...

i love you guys! lol. buggies are scary... ew.