Tuesday, April 06, 2010


so, i kinda thought i wanted one of these, but now, after some research i'm not so sure.

i totally thought there would be a back facing camera on the new ipad... there isn't? i don't ichat or go on chat roulette or anything, but if i bought one of these, i'd sure like to take pictures of my daughter, or if i was working off of a recipe from the ipad, i'd like to take a pic of the actual dish i made to store it for the next time i pulled it up.

is there really no flash too? you can't stream video? i read this, but need to look into it more. that seems really weird.

all the adapters. it's annoying enough that i need a USB adapter for my G5, but i'd have to use one for the ipad as well? i wish apple would cut that out.

also, no multi-tasking? i know it's not a replacement for the laptop, etc, but i couldn't have my IM open at the same time as my browser?

if im totally wrong about this, let me know because if i WERE wrong about all of them, or at least a few of them (which are dealbreakers for me i think...) i'd totally try to convince c. i needed this! *ahem* that WE needed this.


Melissa said...

There are rumors that the next generation would have a camera. I don't feel like I need one though. Maybe because i have a camera on my iPhone. And you'd prob want a fro-facing one if you ever want to use it for chatting purposes.

There isn't flash, but most places are switching to HTML5, so it's not an issue. I can arch ABC and CBS and Netflix and stuff. Just waiting for NBC to catch on!

I don't use IM, so I never really thought about multitasking. I always wondered why people cared about that.

I do wish it had a USB port. But I think Ill learn to live without It. I don't think it can fully replace a computer, but its definitely a fun gadget! I typed this repsonse on it!

Melissa said...

Front-facing, not fro-facing, unless you had a fro!

devon spec said...

that's because you have a digital rebel!!! i want one of those bad boys.

mel, i picture you walking around your house-decluttering with your ipad under your arm. too cute!