Thursday, April 01, 2010

just call me carmela soprano

i made gnocchi, from scratch last night. scratch people. ok, it was a totally easy recipe, but still.
i was thinking, "these things will never sink to the bottom of my pot, and in 2 minutes rise to the top..." but they DID. like magic. and holy hell, they were good. i used a little "pizza seasoning" and some sauce and a little oil on top with parmesean cheese, and voila. craig is so cute. he bought me a little package of pre-made gnocchi from the store in case it didn't work out.

the best part was the whole entire process took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. ok, more like 20 but still that's pretty quick for never having done it before!

get the recipe HERE

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Jeope said...

Now make gabagool!