Friday, April 30, 2010

i just realized

that my bloglines has 118 feeds. is this insane? how many are in your bloglines que?! i'm not sure if this means i have a problem, or i'm just super diverse and interested in lots of stuff.


Jeope said...

I keep about 50. Sometimes... a lot of times... I have to hit the "clear" button if they pile up. I don't know where people find the time to browse so much.

Mary said...

I have such an un-organized way of looking at blogs and keeping up. I still do the old-fashioned bookmark way, but I never understood the other methods and it seemed like blogs had to participate in those methods in order to track them that way. I'm sure it's SO much easier than what I do, but I just never took the time to figure it out! I have buttloads of blog bookmarks though!