Tuesday, May 18, 2010

we're national (ish)

last saturday we went to the annual ambridge nationality days festival. in addition to taking zumba classes i'm challenging myself to do some things i really wouldn't noramlly do. i tend to live in my little house cocoon, which is fine, but i'm not turning into a butterfly. i want to get out more, experience more. and in turn, i'll be more interesting, and probably feel all around better! we're going to go on a haunted history tour this saturday. i'll def. post about that because it will either be super lame, or interesting.

i'd like to take something away from each experience, so i'm thinking of making a little journal, and writing about what we do this summer.

so, at nationality days, i learned several things...

a: some people think it's perfectly acceptable to walk around with yellow stains under their pits, or leaving their bellies hanging out. (if you are under the age of 3 i think the belly thing is perfectly acceptable however.)

b: some people are perfectly ok with shouting out details about last nights domestic dispute, then after finishing their story, saying, "that motherf*cker deserved it."

c: pork can come on a stick, and same for chicken and doesn't have a fancy name, it's just "pork on a stick"

d: pony poop smells the same as adult pony poop. if not stronger.

e: just because you go to nationality days doesn't mean you'll be eating international cuisine. just ask my husband who ate a philly cheesesteak and fries. (didn't the cheesesteak originate in lithuania? let's pretend it did.)

f: if you want to feel super comfortable while browsing dreamcatchers, don't look over your shoulder because those native americans are RIGHT there.

g: rocking out too hard to "if you like pina coladas" can cause your endorphins to go into overload, thus causing you to fall and crack your head, giving you a boo boo that bleeds and makes your mommy freak out. (no ER trips were necessary) whew. dodged that bullet. that last pic is right before she ate pavement.


3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Hi Devon! This post cracked me up! I have tears in my eyes. : )

Melissa said...

#1 - You're taking zumba classes??? How is that going?! I hear it's awesome!

#2 - Did you know that piƱa colada song is about cheating on your significant other? The dude answers a personal ad and when he goes to meet the chick, it ends up being his lady! And they laugh about it! WTF?!

devon spec said...

started taking them yet! this sat is my first class. honestly i just want to sleep in. bah. it's at 9am. i don't even think abt rolling out of bed till at least 9:30 on weekends!

really? i thought it was about the love of pina coladas. FOOLED AGAIN! :/