Monday, May 10, 2010

in the past couple days...

-i got this awesome watch (ok, it's still coming, it's in the mail) i saw that design mom got one last year for her birthday and i've been kind of wanting one ever since. i call it "80's chic."
-i watched a "moving up" marathon laying in bed with almost zero interuptions

-i ate my first "toblarone" after craig handed me this for mother's day i jokingly said, "i shot out a kid and all i get is this lousy toblarone?" but in reality, it was pretty good and almost worth throwing up all over myself right before pushing out a human from my vagina.

-and charlotte had her first "big girl" ice cream cone. craig didn't think she could handle it and was all, "DEVON, she'll get it ALL OVER herself." she didn't. and i am the fun, easy going parent. who knew? i really believe in just letting kids be kids. messy, poopy, dirty, whatever. don't sweat the ice cream or the small stuff.

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3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

Hi Devon! I've never had that candy bar. I may have to try it. : )And that watch is AWE-SOME. It's so 80s chic! And, I love that you let your little girl have an ice cream all to herself. Love it!