Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Part 1

we went to gammy and pappy spec's last night for some yummy, homemade chicken soup, pumpkin seeds and all kinds of goodies. then, got the kiddos ready for their big trek around the 1 block! it was COLD and the kids did better than i did. my nose was running and my hands were numb and they seemed like they could go on forever. *funny portion of the night* one house had 2 bowls and nobody behind them and a sign that said, "help yourself, take ONE" and of course, everything was gone. lottie gets up to the bowls and looks in, turns around shocked and is like, "MAMA, i wanted CANDY!?" i think i've only seen the emotion "disappointment" a few times from her, and this was one of them. charlotte was also VERY concerned about baby wyatt, and made sure she knew where he was every second and if he needed help, she was RIGHT there. it was really funny. then after we were done, we regrouped, checked out the loot and had punkin spice latte. i love halloween! if only my husband was on the same page...

she has her daycare halloween parade and party today and i made cute little treat bags with halloween "love charlotte" tags to go with. i hope she has fun! i think the parade is just them walking up and down the drive to her daycare, haha. goood times.

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