Friday, October 22, 2010

what i'd rather watch...

so lately charlotte has been watching icarly and spongebob. (rather than wonder pets and little bill - which teach a lesson) and it's painfully evident which one is "good for your child." however, i cannot stop myself from putting on spongebob, OR icarly. simply because they interest me more. ya... icarly has a few "risque" moments, like when carly kissed a boy and sam and freddy kissed because they wanted to "get it over with and squidward calls people (or fish) "idiots".... but, in the grand scheme of things, spongebob is a good egg, and thinks the best of people, and icarly teaches lessons as well. although i'm not sure with her limited vocabulary, lottie knows what the heck is going on. am i being selfish by choosing shows that i like as well as a show that she likes? spongebob is a phenomenon, because it's something my husband and i BOTH agree on. it's pretty funny, and there's not even much adult humor in it... it's just GREAT.


Mary said...

I am a HUGE spongebob fan. Seriously...he cracks me up. I just LOVE that show....I've even got some on DVD :) heee hee

Mrs. Maria said...

We watched a little Spongebob when Isa was little. Isa loved Blues Clues when little too and Little Bill. I loved the "Noggin" channel always and we loved Clifford on PBS. We don't have Nickelodeon so my girls know iCarly but don't get to watch it. We do Disney, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sunny with a Chance, Hannah Montana via Netflix. My oldest loves TV so I can understand wanting to like what they're watching. :-)

I have a suggestion to invest in one day, my girls love these: Treasury of a 100 Storybook Classics. Not all of them are perfect but they're fun for both of them. They're simple and your little one might love them. Here's a link:

Congratulations on the new car too!!