Saturday, October 09, 2010

it's been awhile

since i've posted. a LOT is going on though! we got a new car today, and a new sidewalk. OH, i got promoted to senior designer, and good things are on the horizon. i have to say.... i'm pretty happy today. and now, now i need a nap. sometimes you have one of those months where you wonder how it's going to all fall apart, but i'm thinking, i'll just ride this happiness wave until it ebbs.
can i just say that buying a new car takes a LOOOONG time? we got to the dealer around 1:00 and probably left about 5:00. i cannot believe how good charlotte was. i also cannot believe i got the guy down 60 bucks per payment to be RIGHT where we wanted to be. i hate having a car payment again, but for the piece of mind and room, i feel it's well worth it. i don't usually get excited about cars, but i'm REALLY excited about this one! here's the new swagger wagon:
also, here's our awesome new sidewalk that my hubs and his friend put in. amazing right?!

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Donia~Fox Photography said...

Dev, I haven't been on you blog for awhile and just read about your promotion! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is really great! You are (and always have been!) a great artist. I'm so happy for you!!