Friday, November 05, 2010

chrissy marie

give some love to my friend adrienne, who has pretty much cornered the market on amazing handmade jewelery.

i found her on etsy years (ok, 2.5 years ago) and she made my mother's bracelet which i LOVE.

she is the bomb in every way...

anyway, she started a fun, youthful line of jewelery under her daughters name "chrissy marie" and it is AWESOME.

and i just so happened to do her logo. CHECK IT OUT. then buy something!!!

horses are very close to her daughter's heart, and they also represent youthfullness and being wild and free. i think it's a great parallel.

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Adrienne Jewelry Designs said...

Are you an awesome lady or what? This is exactly why I love getting to know my customers :) Not for free and amazing advertising but because of the friendship and support we share. Thanks Devon! You my friend are a peach!!