Thursday, November 18, 2010

i did it...

the night we celebrated one of my best friends birthdays on friday, i did the unthinkable. i know i'm SO crazy. right?

but, in all actuality, my life is anything BUT crazy. it's a lot of worrying, butt wiping, bathing, cleaning, WORKING, worrying, reading about saving for my daugher's college, working, did i mention working? did i mention worrying? paying bills, staying on top of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. and i don't even feel like i do a good job at those!
i think my lack of control in some cases lead me down a path of reminiscing. wishing for my youth, wishing i could right the wrongs, and heal the messes of my past life.
even when i was sitting in the chair and the guy at KYKLOPS on the southside was preparing my tattoo, i kept thinking, "is this dumb, maybe it's too big, is black gross? will i look like a biker chick? ...." mind racing, racing, racing.

you can't fight who you have become. and i've become a responsible adult.

in any case, i got this rad star tattoo. :) i <3 it.

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Mrs. Maria said...

I like it! Me and you worry and work hard and work and work and we love what we do because it's a life filled with purpose... and a mission and significance and I love your star. As I type this I know for a fact (because I have in so many ways felt like you) you're not alone... those thoughts are part of being human, and loving those around you and wanting the best for your family and caring about the outcome of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. You are a star to so many... don't ever forget it! *Hugs!*